How to Make Money Into More Money – Getting Into Online Sales

Here’s how to make money into more money, by getting into online sales:

1. Find your niche market
2. Select your niche products or services
3. Test your niche products or services
4. Refine your niche products or services

1. Finding your niche market

This is probably the easiest part of the process because all you really have to do is take a little introspection and decide what it is that you like the most in your life. What is it that drives you? What is your passion?

We all have something which we are really passionate about, something which we could do or talk about all day. How to make money download (24)

Your passion could be sports, fishing, knitting, a specific sports (like football), art, or anything else under the sun, so all you have to do, in order to initiate your money-making process, is to decide what you love the most in life.

If you have difficulty doing this, think of it this way; when you are with one or more of your best friends, what is the one thing which you could discuss with them for the rest of the day?

Once you have figured out what it is that you love you can move on to the next step, which is selecting your niche products or services.

We will take football (soccer) as an example of someone’s passion and this will be the niche market.

2. Selecting your niche products or services

Now that you have found your niche market (e.g. football), you will go on the hunt for products related to football, preferably digital products, like e-books, videos and coaching manuals, but physical products are okay as well, like jerseys, memorabilia etc.

Now, no matter how much start up capital you have to work with, which you want to turn into more money, either way, you will not be physically buying any inventory, unless it is in the form of Master Resale Rights (MRR) to an e-book, coaching manual etc.

Alternatively, you can search for vendors of such products that offer affiliate programs which you can sign up to and these are usually free.

3. Testing your niche products or services

This is where the action gets under way — you will now start to turn your money into more money by either generating content (writing about your favorite topic) or a paying someone else to do it. Preferably, you will write this content yourself, as this was the point of choosing a topic you are passionate about, that way you will never get bored of writing about your topic.

The idea is to create content which will interest like-minded people — people who are interested in the same topic you are and you can do this in a lot of ways.

Compiling a list of “The Top Ten Goals of All Time” with videos to accompany them and leaving a comments box, for example, is one of the many things one could do to solicit interest from the football loving internet users.

Once that structure is going, your content will have links to your affiliate products, as well as to your own products, if you acquired MRR with sales pages and that is how you will make your money.

4. Refining your niche products or services

As time goes by, you will start to see which products perform better than others and this is where the process of actually spending some of the money you have to invest comes in, as you will then go into the marketing of your products.

Because you will be sure of which products actually sell, pumping money into marketing campaigns will see better returns.