Is the Current Gold Rate Today False?

Perhaps you have seen the gold rate today? It is already up 22% this yr alone. Exactly why? Very well, historically gold and sterling silver bullion increase when people do not have beliefs in the markets. Once people you don’t have faith in the currency, they group to silver and precious metal bullion. But, is this trend the right way to go for traders? gold rate in dubai

First of all, let me describe i am not a financial planner or an advisor, simply a normal guy that is engaged with our economy and what’s going on in this country as well as the world. I see people digging their financial tragique by either listening to the financial pundits or digging themselves deeper in debt via attaining multiple college or university degrees, etc just to find no job at the end of all that work and money. But, that gets off topic a little bit right? 2

I no longer see an opportunity that the gold rate today will greatly decrease. With the current administration pouring incitement money and bailout money like it’s syrup, and, with our currency not anymore being backed by an actual asset (since 1971), it sure seems to me and a whole lot of others that the currency will be devalued, which, historically, has forced silver and silver bullion to increase in value.

Just isn’t silver and gold of these at an all-time high?

The reality is no, not even close. Tweaked to inflation, conservatively, silver and silver bullion were at over $2800/oz and $100/oz respectively back in 1980.

Don’t believe the commentators

I am highly encouraging you to not believe me or the pundits out there. Only look at what is going on. I read the other day that Sears and Kmart ready to get started on having sell yellow metal for cash stations in their department stores. Consequently, if you are shopping for baby formula and diapers, just break a link off your bracelets and turn it in. What makes it so many companies are boldy buying up the yellow metal and silver from the poor and middle course?